Mt. Baker's Coleman Deming

I lived in Bellingham for nearly 10 years and during that time climbed Mt. Baker at least that many times.  It is such an awesome outing - so close to the city yet the exposure is real, the mountain is huge as are the glaciers, and the experience is a true taste of alpine climbing!  Alex and I had to go for it!


We got a start at about 4 am and it took us around 5 hours to get on top.  We shared the summit with nobody!  It is always thrilling to look down and out from the top and see the North Cascades and beyond.  It is a perspective unlike few others in the Cascades.  Puget Sound lingers just behind the Twin Sisters Range, Baker Lake sits right at the toe of the volcano, and Mt. Shuksan looks so small!

The walk down was smooth however the Colfax icefall had created a huge debris field that was haunting to walk through.  We loaded up the truck and caught some live music in Bellingham before driving all the way back to Leavenworth.