Quick Trip to Iceland

Great friends of Alex’s were getting married in Paris and despite living in Alaska we couldn’t miss the wedding. So, with 2 trips packed into 1, we left Haines, AK on a ferry at 11:30 pm headed for Paris.

The wedding was beyond stunning and Paris is an incredibly fun place to explore. Eclaires and baguettes as far as the eye can see. And red wine. And a myriad of other things. But getting to the real storyline of this blog post - Iceland!

We took advantage of Iceland Air’s layover option and rented a van in Iceland for 5 days. With not nearly enough to explore even a single region of the country we decided to just make it a long drive. We circumnavigated the island and tried to see as much as possible from the road.

Traveling counter-clockwise we found hotsprings, glaciers, waterfalls, canyons, hotsprings, waterfalls, excellent food, hotsprings, waterfalls… You get the idea! Check out my photos and the short video we made!