A Walk in the G.P. Wilderness

While on a Patrol through the Glacier Peak Wilderness I promised my supervisor to keep the locations undisclosed if I were to share any photographs from the 5 day trip. By sticking to that agreement I cannot write much of a story to share, but I will nonetheless show off some of the photos!

The Climbing Rangers were stoked to not be carrying a rope and climbing gear for the first time of the season! Don’t get me wrong, we want to climb. But we considered this trip to be more of a long-distance cruise instead of a technical rock patrol and shaved every ounce of unneeded weight from the bags.

That being said, we had pretty rough weather on the first evening and all of the second day.

On day three we arrived at a critical point. Once we descended into the next valley it basically required that we continue to the planned end-point. Eric’s ankle was bothering him and, with three big days ahead of us, he decided to turn back and preserve himself for future patrols. Adam and I continued on and had a huge day of walking before settling into camp.

The next objective of the patrol was a side-trip from camp. With nearly empty packs we scrambled and crossed off-trail terrain to the summit of an undisclosed peak! After returning to camp we packed the bags and hiked several additional hours to camp for the night.

One more long day of walking through a recent burn brought us to the end of the trail. The GPW is still wild! But don’t go there.