Charlie Martin


PEAKBEGGAR began as a way to share my adventures through photography. The name, a play on “peakbagger,” represents the more dirtbag and simple side of the sport. PEAKBEGGAR represents adventure and action as wealth. It is an attempt at saying that we do not need much money to live rich lives. Anybody can gain the experience and learn the skills to adventure into the hills.

My goal is simple - I wish to hold experiences as the richest form of living.

Read the blog, check out the photos, enjoy your experience. With any luck you will see that you can partake in any adventure you want to. I am always interested in hearing from you, working with you, photographing your adventure, and having fun with you!


I’ve been living in Washington my entire life with the exception of a summer in Alaska and a winter in Asia. Snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, and traveling are just a few of the activities that inspire me to shoot photographs. My working career has been mostly in land-management with the USFS, a job that puts me in a unique position to see beautiful areas and know their issues. Taking photos is one way that I enjoy sharing what I do in nature.